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Amrod and Amras were twins, the youngest sons of Fëanor and Nerdanel. Through their maternal grandfather Mahtan they inherited red hair (probably a dark red), instead of Fëanor's black.

Amrod's father name in Quenya is Pityafinwë, "Little Finwë". His mother name is Ambarussa, "Top-russet", and this refers to his hair. His younger twin Amras was also called Ambarussa, and they both answered to the name.

Amras' father name in Quenya is Telufinwë, "Last Finwë", for he was the last of Fëanor's sons. His mother name was originally Ambarussa ("top-russet", referring to his hair), the same as his brother Amrod, but Fëanor insisted that the twins ought to have different names and Nerdanel later called him Umbarto, "the Fated". His father, disturbed by it, changed it to Ambarto. Nevertheless both twins called each other Ambarussa.
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